Monday, November 3, 2008

tomorrow, we vote.

I'm anxious about tomorrow. Like, literally I have knots in my stomach like tomorrow I have some huge exam. Except, as opposed to some big test I could study for, I'm being graded on this exam tomorrow based on how well everyone else in the country does.

All I can do is my part. And I can make calls tonight, and I can hope. If I prayed, I'd do that too.

In other news...I love sushi.

Also, I'm so deliriously in love with Sir Schnookums McScutchy-Pants. He tickles my fancy. Tee hee.

Romantic love. The "honeymoon" phase where four hours without a kiss is torture and hours spent together feel like minutes. You feel as if you'll never find a fault in the other, and everything seems perfect. It's all wonderful. Then, a fork in the road. Nurturing love, or addictive love. Which path will you take? Do you have the genuine desire for that person to better themselves, do you see their ultimate worth, do you want only the best for them? Do you nourish the love you cultivate together and strive for goodness and truth. Yes. You should.

It sends pangs to my heart to see others who do not see love as we see love. Or who do not feel love as we feel love. It is not that everyone should have a defined moment where they say, "ah-ha! There is love! We have struck it!" No. Rather, the awakening should a gradual gain of momentous glowing elation. Ahhhhhhhhh. No Ah-ha. Ahhhhhhhh.

This is entirely...blabber? I'm trying to distract myself. I have decided tonight that I'm going to call voters. I really hope I can feel as if I've helped.


Where is the love.

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Allison said...

i was listening to npr on my way to work the other day and they played part of a clip from mccain in peterborough! i was like, yes to peterborough! yuck to mccain! i hope he went to twelve pine with his entourage and bought gelato and was all like "what is gianduia??"

i too am nervous about the election, as evidenced by the fact that i can't get any work done today and i'm reading blogs.