Monday, October 13, 2008

There must always be a first

So a new blog.

Or, my first blog. I mean, myspace and livejournal do not qualify as true blogs. I have graduated into the world of real "blogging."


I was thinking earlier about firsts. There is always a first with everything that you do. Sometimes the first leads to seconds and beyond. Other times the first lends itself to hidden memories, to deep dark crevices of lost thoughts that you wish could be forgotten. Or the opposite; you cling to the loose strands as they unravel away from you, pulling the sweater of your mind into a single thread.

But why was I contemplating these memorable (or not so) premieres? Well, to be honest I was not strolling down nostalgia lane. In fact, I was realizing that I am enthralled with my future. I find myself constantly lifting away to beyond the immediate and frolicking with the maypole dancers of the future. Why am I so elated and anxious to leave the present. No no, do not answer that. It was merely rhetoric.

I have much to live for, to look forward to, and to plan for. Life, love, marriage, family, career? I do not know per se what all these venues hold for me (or at least, not the complete detail yet). And still, I yearn to be a step closer, to sniff the early stages of a brewing future.

Until next time.

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