Sunday, February 1, 2009

a less than philosophical entry

I am a bad blogger. I would so much prefer reading about other people's lives on their blogs, and by doing so, neglect my own.

Ah well.

I am feeling myself in that doldrum of winter. That feeling of endless cold and darkness, when you feel like spring is just so far away. I am yearning for warm sunlight. Warm skin that smells like the sun, bare feet, the wind tickling my scalp. Heck, even going outside without a hat.

We are getting married in 202 days. On the one hand it seems as if there is so much to do, it feels overwhelming. But then I think to myself, "it's just a little detail, it doesn't matter." So hopefully I can remain calm. As long as people around me don't drive me batty (ie, Mom, Amy (FMIL), Charlotte (FFIL's wife).


I am trying to be healthier with my diet. I want to lose a few pounds. But more so, I want to tone up my body. I have been far too sedentary for the past few months. I joined the Y. I have a new workout DVD that I'm doing. I want to feel healthy and like myself again.

It's the superbowl tonight. We're going to a party. But the girls are planning to drink wine and play Apples 2 Apples in the kitchen while the boys drink beer and watch my least favorite sport in existence. Euro Football is far superior.

In any case, I should go get ready. I need to change my pants. And go pee.

Perhaps I shall make it a point to blog more often.

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