Sunday, February 15, 2009

what's in a name

Names fascinate me.
I love the combination of first and middle names, and how you can love two names separately, but when you put them together, the flow doesn't work. Why is that?
Here is a list of some of my favorite first/second name combinations. I have an easier time coming up with girl names for some reason. I'll probably add to this list. Who knows... maybe you'll see one or two being used someday when we have babies. :) Some of the middle names are interchangeable. And some of the first names could also be middle.


Lydia Beth
Fiona Skye
Phoebe Rae
Violet Sea
Emma Scarlett
Alana Mildred
Rachael Anne
Juliet Marie
Hannah Monroe
Olivia Jane
Addison Grace
Natalie Rose
Isobel Care
Carrie Faye
Aurelia Margaret
Audrey Faith
Zoe Darla
Sophia Belle
Eleanor Paige
Elinor Mae
Sadie Ellen
Chloe Saige
Sasha Elisabeth
Ophelia May
Juliet Clare
Bridget Maeve
Nora Kate


Ezekiel Owen
Ezra David
Oliver James
Dylan Thomas
Elijah Maxwell
Christian Morgan
Liam Jude
Lucas Simon
Silas Cole
Jared Matthew
Sebastian Felix
Loren Jackson
Xavier Duncan
Elias Samuel

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